Brunetti, located in West Village, NY, is a neighborhood restaurant celebrated for its Neapolitan pizza and a destination for both tourists, New Yorkers and its neighbors.
With plans for expansion, the owner approached me to rebrand his restaurant under a new name and develop a brand identity, menus, merchandise, collateral and more. Brunetti has made its mark in West Village and has created a community that loves and shares its passion for pizza. Now, as The Neighbors, it's time for a fresh introduction.

This rebrand showcases a new era of community and food. Inspired by the new name, this brand identity invites your neighbors to be a part of this new chapter. 
With a name like The Neighbors, several ideas came to mind. The brand revolves around the inspiration of the three-story apartment buildings of West Village and the idea that every household has its favorite type of pizza. 
Throughout, the brand mark features stylized illustrations of arched windows, each divided into eight segments mimicking pizza slices, embellished with different toppings and elements that capture the essence of diverse households and their beloved pizza varieties. 
This cohesive design beautifully combines a sense of community with the diverse tastes of the neighborhood. 

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