As one of the earliest wine-producing regions globally and among the pioneers in Europe, Greece boasts a rich heritage steeped in winemaking tradition.
Siren, in a captivating revival, reconnects with this ancient Greek wine legacy by drawing inspiration from the realm of Greek Gods and Goddesses. In Greece, wine is associated with the god Dionysus, one of the most ancient gods. Wine and vineyards were considered the source of inspiration and precious gifts of Dionysus. Wine represented the fierceness, prodigy and mystery of this god.
Captivated by the mystique of Greek Gods and Goddesses, I aimed to infuse their power into the brand, creating a fierce yet sleek sophistication. The name Siren, draws inspiration from the mythical creatures that entice sailors to their demise with seductive singing, cleverly alluding to the notion that consumers too will be irresistibly drawn in. The wordmark, an artful 'S,' resembling a Siren, reinforces the captivating concept. Greek wines, spanning colors and flavors, embody Gods and Goddesses through photography and vibrant symbols. Limited edition corks echo each God's symbol, elevating the brand with divine details.
Branding & Identity
Art Direction
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