The Ultimate Pre-Game Board Game is an interactive adult party game full of mini-games, challenges and a digital experience. 
From an Inventor pitch, I was tasked with designing a complete brand identity that seamlessly translates across multiple platforms of design.

​​​​​​​Inspired by the term "pre-game" in the title, envision the classic chaotic college pre-game scene: a cluttered countertop with open beer cans, scattered bottle caps, limes, and salt, alongside empty shot glasses. My goal was to capture the wild pre-game you hosted and left for the next morning to cleanup.

Branding & Identity
game board
website design
Graphic design
​​​​​​​The board perfectly captures this chaos, illustrating the messy pre-game from an overhead perspective, seamlessly blending into your own chaotic party table. Player pieces, crafted as mini beer cans, sustain the 3D effect.
Scattered across the board are QR code mini games. When designing the web component for this game, my goal was to make it feel like a natural extension from the board. Featuring 10 different mini-games, each presenting unique challenges and animated illustrations, the game truly comes to life.
The mascot and your guide are Bottle Cap Dude and his tipsy friends. As players scan QR codes, an animated beer graphic fills up, mirroring the center cup on the board, showing your progress in the game. After successfully completing each mini game, Bottle Cap Dude salutes you and joins in, tossing one back, progressively getting tipsier alongside you.
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