When Oreo approached us for the creation of a Limited Edition package, they presented two distinctive directions: a theme centered around 2020 and another commemorating The Office's 15th Anniversary. My responsibility included the entire process of conceptualizing and designing these themes, along with their matching cookie flavor.

Branding & Identity
Graphic design
For 2020, a Leap Year pack was crafted, featuring an extra Oreo cookie to symbolize the additional day. The flavor was Oreo's Classic Chocolate. 
The second, a Bob Marley pack celebrated his 75th Birthday, embracing Rastafarian colors and an interactive feature with an AR performance. The flavor for this box was Coconut Creme.
For The Office packaging concepts, I aimed to capture the humor of the show's 9-season through both packaging and flavors. The first concept draws inspiration from the season poster covers, featuring flying paper and Michael Scott's office blinds. The flavor pays homage to the Pretzel Day episode with chocolate-covered pretzels. The second concept is inspired by Michael Scott's "World's Best Boss" mug and includes the show's bathroom sign. The flavor, coffee and creme, complements the theme.
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