I had the opportunity to pitch and design a set of limited edition cookies and corresponding packaging for the 2020 Oreo box and two designs for the 15th Anniversary of The Office. Each cookie concept includes its own flavor and embossing design that matches the theme of the box.

2020 Concepts
2020 was a leap year so what better way of celebrating than getting one more additional Oreo cookie in your box. The packaging has a pocket on the outside holding the extra cookie. The flavor is the original chocolate sandwich cookie. 

2020 was also the 75th Birthday of the iconic Bob Marley. Cookies seem to fit to celebrate the weed smoking reggae artist. The red, yellow and green rastafarian colors were used as the main color palette for the packaging and color of the inside cookie creme. But the main feature is the QR code that you can scan using augmented reality to see Bob Marley and the Wailers perform. 
The Office Concepts
The Office has some iconic moments that fans can identify. I designed two that I thought we have the most visual appeal and had the best flavor to match.
The first is the iconic blinds that Michael Scott is always looking through, paired with a Pretzel Day flavored cookie. 
The seconds is the photo of Michael with his worlds best boss mug paired with a coffee and creme filling Oreo cookie. 
Both have the Dunder Mifflin Inc. logo embossed on the cookie.
Branding & Identity
Graphic design
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