In Iran, women face government-imposed oppression, compelled to conceal their hair and bodies under the threat of legal repercussions. Yet, a quiet rebellion has been brewing over the years as women have grown weary of these restrictive laws.
Matique is a Persian cosmetic line designed specifically for the women of Iran. It serves as a channel for empowerment, allowing women to assert themselves through makeup and express their individuality with bold, vibrant colors.​​​​​​​
Drawing inspiration from the architectural marvels and rich hues of Iran's mosques, the packaging is a testament to this journey. As you lift the lid, a revelation unfolds — the interior embellished with reflective, bright colors, a stark contrast to the muted exterior. The packaging is more than just a container; it's an immersive experience, symbolizing the unveiling of the beauty concealed within, much like the Persian women who defy societal norms.

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