Merry Dissmas
This game of truth-telling trivia about your friends and family will turn your holiday reunion or party into a straight-up roast battle!
Pitched to us by an inventor, I was tasked with creating a brand identity, packaging system, and game components that embodies the joy and laughter being with family around the holiday's.

A rotating Diss-Master draws a card and reads it out loud to the group. Everyone else comes up with their funniest answer and writes it on their dry-erase board. Then it's up to the Diss-Master to pick their favorite answer (after reading each one aloud, of course!)
From the start we knew we wanted this holiday family game to embodies the joy and laughter being with family around the holiday's. When thinking of branding, I dove into research about the things that symbolize the holidays. Using my findings, I created a brand identity that revolved around an ugly holiday sweater. This allowed for fun patterns and icons within the design as little easter eggs. To push this concept further, the packaging was designed to have a fabric texture that makes the experience even more real and fun to touch. 
Branding & Identity
Game Components 
Graphic design
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