Hot Takes is the adult party game that is all about the opinions and debates.
Pitched to us by an inventor, I was tasked with creating a brand identity, packaging system, and game components that matched the name and energy of this game with eye catching shelf appeal.

Let The Battle Begin, Get fired up over opinions you never knew you believed so fiercely! Simply have the judge read a card, separate into teams based on how you feel about the opinion card, then let the debate begin! You can also play more individually by having everyone announce their opinions in a circle one by one. Earn points by being on the winning side!
We wanted to create an edgy and bold package that appealed to a young adult audience. Playing off the name of the game "Hot Takes", we took inspiration from the Hot Cheetos branding. I created a brand system that used red and yellow color palette and graphics that reflect the high intensity of this game. The use of chili peppers on the packaging further pushed the brand identity that feels fun, striking and spicy. 
Branding & Identity
Game Components 
Graphic design