Favors is a love-filled box with romantic, helpful, and spicy coupons for couples. When Sierra Dallas approached us, she envisioned capturing enjoyable and enticing moments in romantic relationships, injecting spontaneity into everyday life. My task was to translate this vision into a comprehensive brand identity, captivating packaging, and enticing game components that effortlessly show sophistication, allure, and beauty, eliminating the need for traditional wrapping.

Branding & Identity
Game Components 
Graphic design​​​​​​​​​​​
When envisioning a blend of romance, sex, and gifting, chocolate naturally comes to mind. Inspired by chocolate's elegance, I crafted a sophisticated brand with a sleek, whimsical logo in luxurious gold foil. TThe custom logo balances sleekness with a touch of whimsy, featuring twists and curves highlighted by a luxurious gold foil treatment. The game is coupons for couples, the decision to shape the cards as tear-off coupons was a no brainer. The cards are categorized into three distinct colors, each with a matching symbol. The same dynamic lines are used in the symbols, creating a cohesive visual language throughout the entire experience.
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