Favors is love in a box that is full of romantic, helpful, and spicy coupons for couples! 
Sierra Dallas approached us with a clear goal: to capture the fun and sexy moments with your significant other that adds spontaneity back into the day to day life of your romantic relationship.
I was tasked with creating a brand identity, packaging system, and game components that felt sophisticated, sexy and beautiful that you can gift without the wrapping.

Give a coupon to your significant other when you wanna cash in a favor! Choose from three categories of coupons: Naughty, Household, and Romantic. Each one has a task or request to be completed by your partner!
Inspired by the spontaneity and romance of this game, I thought about other things that spark romance. Chocolate. I started my research phase by doing a deep dive into chocolate and gained insight into its beautiful, sexy and sweet sensations. I wanted to bring these sensations into the brand identity by developing a color palette, and custom logo that embodied the sophistication and sexiness of the game. The custom logo became the focal point on the packaging paired with a stripped pattern that added a whimsical touch. The added gold foil treatment complimented the chocolate inspired design. 
Branding & Identity
Game Components 
Graphic design
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