Catch the vibe
Catch The Vibe is the adult party card game, where you'll battle to see who knows their friends best.
Pitched to us by an inventor, I was tasked with creating a brand identity, packaging system, and game board that felt fun, vibey and trendy with eye catching shelf appeal.

Game play
It starts with the Vibe Master, who draws a Topic Card and 2 Range Cards to set up the ranges of the board. The Vibe Master then secretly picks where they'd assign the topic on the board, and everybody else must guess. Earn more points the closer you get to the truth! The perfect way to pump up the vibes at any game night, barbecue, or party. 17 +
From the start, I knew I wanted to capture the game play within the brand identity, where the closer you get to the Vibe Master's answer the more points you gain. The resulting brand identity plays off this idea of hot spots as the main focal point of the packaging and board design. The ellipse gradient and shapes creates a calm yet energetic feeling that captures the essence of the game. 
Branding & Identity
game board
Graphic design

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