Catch The Vibe is an interactive party game, inviting players to compete for the title of knowing their friends best on quirky and amusing topics. 
From an Inventor pitch, I was tasked with crafting a comprehensive brand identity that seamlessly shows what the game is about across all elements.

Branding & Identity
game board
Graphic design
In developing the branding for this game, my inspiration stemmed from the concept of a "hot spot," where a specific area radiates warmth amidst its surroundings. This analogy seamlessly mirrors the gameplay dynamics – the closer you align with your friend's answer, the more points you win. 
To maintain a cohesive design language, ellipses became a recurring motif in the branding and typography. Yet, amidst the soft and pleasing aesthetic, the word mark introduces a subtle edge, adding a touch of energy to the overall design.
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