Based on the iconic game "Fuck Marry Kill", Bed Wed Behead, is the absurd card game that gets you to pick between Experiences, People, and Things to determine your favorites.
I was tasked with developing the brand identity and designing game components that not only visually articulate the gameplay but also creates a unique unboxing experience to this classic game. 

Branding & Identity
Graphic design
While developing the branding for this game, I was inspired by the visual nature of the name "Bed Wed Behead." I thought an illustrated typographic design would not only explain the game but also add humor to the branding.
To take this concept further, I worked closely with our engineering team to design a unique unboxing experience that plays off the word "Behead" by dividing the word with a guillotine effect. Upon opening, a theatrical reveal unfolds, unveiling a captivating scene of a bloodbath surrounding the cards at the center.
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